Kenneth E Rupert BA, BCMCLC
Author, Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach
Strategic Personal Development & Financial Stability Coaching


Although I have received my Board Certification from the International Board of Christian Coaches as a Master Christian Life Coach, my first passion is writing. I simply love the expression of ideas through the written word.

As an author, I seek to communicate different perspectives concerning the challenges of life. The primary focus of my writing is to offer a perspective that seeks to improve the life we experience now by offering an eternal perspective.

As a life coach, I seek to add value to my client's life primarily through assisting my clients in the develop a strategic life plan. I believe every person should develop a clear vision, mission, and purpose to strive towards. My coaching is focused on getting the results my clients are seeking by incorporating metric scorecards to track progress.

My personal interests are many, but my most compelling desire is to know Jesus more fully and communicate His love to both believers and seekers alike. My writing allows me to communicate that desire while presenting a perspective that is grounded in practical application.

To learn more about my journey, click here to read my full Bio. I hope you will give my resources a fair hearing and accept my words of encouragement as a gift written for your benefit.


To have been used by God through obedience to Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, having been right where God wanted me to be, to have done just what God wanted me to do, and to have been the person who God had created me to be, to create the possibility of positive impacts, either directly or indirectly, either known or anonymous, in the lives of those with whom the Holy Spirit will identify. 


To meet each individual where he or she is, with empathy, offering wisdom and knowledge through leadership to provide options to navigate the challenges of life and improve the overall quality of his or her life.


To be philanthropically committed to distributing the resources entrusted to me by my God, the Great I AM, in obedience to the teachings of my Savior Jesus Christ, with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. (Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources)

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