Kenneth E Rupert BA, BCMCLC
Author, Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach
Strategic Personal Development & Financial Stability Coaching


"I've found Ken to be the very opposite of generic.  On the contrary, I've found his advice as detailed as one can get without making the decision for the client." (Read Chris's entire endorsement here)

Chris Kershisnik

Realtor, Remax Town Center


"Ken is an intuitively strategic thinker who possesses the ability to quickly process and determine best practices. His professional demeanor is enhanced by his personal communication style, delivering a feeling of confidence to all who work with Ken."

Harby Tran

Adjunct Professor of Marketing - Dept. of Economics and Management, Hood College.


"Ken Rupert was born with the gift of an extraordinary creative intelligence. In step with this, Ken's desire is to use this gift to help others realize their full potential. In my professional career of fifty-nine years in working with people, I have never known an individual with greater insight."

Dr. William W Williams

EdD, Psychologist


"Empathy: Love and Life Beyond Self is extraordinarily good! I felt like you were writing directly to my heart, especially lately. It is an absolute joy to know you and I definitely would love to talk to you soon."

John Dukes

Sales Manager at CTI Consultants Inc.


"There is a lot to like about this book, which is why I gave this author a 5* rating. I recommended it. Developing a life plan early is the key. I have to totally agree there. Blaming others is easy, I've done that before then realized its ME that needs to change what is around me. This really hit home with me. I suggest you read it also."

Cathy Mankin

Purchased Kindle version of Planned Excellence


“Ken has a heart to help people to have goals, direction and purpose. Especially today where so many have not had good mentors in their lives and have no direction , drive, or self-control. I would highly recommend Ken’s books and him as a Life Coach.”

Janet Dill

Customer Relations at Redding Medical Inc.

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