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The Dynamics of Abundant Life

Living a Life of Purpose and Meaning

Have you ever felt professionally successful but personally unfulfilled? Material possessions, though pleasurable, cannot change or improve the essence of who you are. As author Kenneth Rupert explains in The Dynamics of Abundant Life: Living a Life of Purpose and Meaning, if you want to make an impact and leave a legacy, you have to move beyond the material and discover your core essence. This study seeks to help you draw closer to God through an understanding of the dynamics of the abundant life Jesus Christ came to give us. It explores in detail the dichotomy between having abundance in life and having an abundance of life and describes the nine aspects of abundance—attitude, balance, ultimatums, nurturing, direction, action, navigation, connectedness, and empathy. In each chapter, Rupert provides practical steps designed to build your relationship with God and encourage a life of service and giving. Explaining the importance of exercising spiritual disciplines and presenting Christ to a hurting and dying world, The Dynamics of Abundant Life weaves personal stories with commentary in order to illustrate how God uses our experiences to draw us closer to Him even when those experiences are painful. Ultimately, it is our desire to become more Christlike that enables us to live an abundant life.



Love and Life Beyond Self

"Don't do for me, that which I can do for myself. Do for me what I am incapable of doing for myself." This is the heart cry of someone who is struggling with life's problems. This is what God did through Jesus Christ when He set aside His glory, entered into the reality of His creation, and provided a path of reconciliation for you. This is empathy. Here, Kenneth E Rupert examines the depths of empathy to reveal why it is such a rare quality. Empathy requires you to model God's actions towards mankind by voluntarily setting aside your standing, status, or station, entering into the reality of someone who is struggling with life's problems, and creating the environment for that person's restoration. Throughout this book, you will learn how to order your life to become a person of empathy. You will be challenged to step into someone's life and offer the four actions of empathy. You will also learn how to live life beyond yourself by being a conduit for God's resources to flow through you for the benefit and growth of others.


10 Ways to Improve Your Retirement Planning

Behavioral Changes that Make a Difference

The first book in the Advantage Series

In today economy there are a number of pressure points that squeeze the life out of retirement savings. Although it is a difficult task to manage the external pressures, we can begin to learn and practice behaviors that ultimately position us to win from a financial perspective. Ten ways to improve your retirement planning is focused on providing you with practical behaviors that impact the planning process. It is often not how much you earn, but how you manage how much you earn that makes the difference.
The information contains in this book will cause you to consider how you manage your life in general and how you think about your future specifically. Sharpening your behaviors as they pertain to your retirement planning can have significant impacts on improving your retirement planning. Incorporate these behaviors into your daily walk and you can achieve the retirement you have always desired. From managing your income differently, to controlling spending and debt, to learning how to be more benevolent, these practical behaviors will improve your retirement planning so you can enjoy the retirement you desire.

Strategic Goals

The DNA of Personal Success

Personal success doesn't just happen. This book guides you through the process of developing a strategic plan that allows you to succeed. These principles are tried and true. You will learn how to create a consistent structure to your success by using the model for strategic goals outlined in this book. You will learn concepts such as Roadmapping, Scorecarding, and Paradigming. You will also learn the three pathways of strategic goals that move you towards your success. Also covered here are the roadblocks and pitfalls to watch out for as you develop your strategic life plan. Not having a strategic life plan is not a good plan. Success does not wait for you, you have to pursue it and take hold of it. Purchasing this eBook is the first step towards achieving the personal success you desire.


Planned Excellence
How to Achieve Greatness through Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is not just a business tool—it can be used to improve all aspects of your life. Kenneth E. Rupert, an experienced businessman and consultant, shares strategic planning and Christian principles in this guidebook that can help you change your life. Assess your current state, determine what you want in your future state, and then use analysis and action to get there.  By choosing to live a life of purpose, you’ll be better equipped to face challenges. It is imperative to establish a personal vision and mission for your life if you want to succeed. This guide shares  business concepts that will help you develop a personal life plan; principles that touch the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life; ways to influence the world in which you exist; methods to serve others with your God-given gifts and natural talent.  Become the CEO of your own life; don’t just let life happen—make it happen. By using business processes such as vision, mission, and purpose, you can place yourself on the path to Planned Excellence.


10 Ways to Improve Your Goals
Making Success More Achievable

The second book in the Advantage Series

Have you ever set a goal and failed to achieve it. It is not uncommon for someone to set a goal and then get side tracked by life. This book, the second in a series of books seeking to help you improve key areas of your life, looks at the behaviors that produce a greater level of achievement. Ten ways to improve your goals provides you with a number of practical principles that will assist you in taking your ability to achieve your strategic goals to the next level. By understanding the cause and effect continuum and practicing the ten concepts that are consistent with high levels of achievement, you will learn new ways to think about and approach life. Any life plan faces challenges, so Ten ways to improve your goals gives you four axioms to help you change your thinking and overcome these challenges. You will also learn a six step process for adapting to the change that comes with strategic goals. You will also read about five keys to your success. Finally,  you are given what the author believes is the ultimate key to improving your goals; The God Component.


10 Aspects of Finding Your Niche
Putting Together The Puzzle That Is Uniquely You

The Third book in the Advantage Series

When I was in my twenties, a colleague of mine said “eventually you will find your niche.” He was referring to that place where who you are aligns with what you do. For me, the journey has been a long and arduous road, filled with potholes, debris, and wrong turns. However, after years of studying and gathering information, I have learned that it is not about aligning who you are with what you do. It is actually quite the opposite. Finding your niche is about aligning what you do with who you are. This book is a resource to help you learn who you are so that you can bring into alignment what you do with who you are. It is designed to be a quick read packed with practical and useful information. When you finish this book, you will be better equipped to change your world and achieve your success.


10 Ways to Maximize Your Income
Leveraging Your Most Important Wealth Building Tool

The Fourth book in the Advantage Series

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, then this book is for you. The ability to take what you earn and multiply it through diligent management is not taught in school. Today, more people artificially inflate their incomes through the use of credit, which results in crippling debt. If you are committing future unearned income to live above your means then you will always live paycheck to paycheck. Maximizing your income requires a paradigm shift. One such shift is articulated in this book. The key to building wealth is to learn and execute wealth building behaviors. 10 Ways to Maximize Your Income provides you with a framework for managing your financial resources so you can begin to achieve your goals – without the use of credit. If you are serious about getting out of debt and achieving financial stability, then you have to have a plan. The Comprehensive Asset Management Plan (C.A.M.P.) will help you achieve your goal.

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